The Trick

It finally happened…Bubbies asked for some vegetables!🤣🤣🤣

In my past parent blogs I shared about having patience with your kids as they continue to grow and figure things out.

The trick to this occurrence was when Reygan asked if she could have for dinner, fish sticks and a bowl of vegetables… because she wanted to grow and run faster.
Bubbies may have been listening intently cause following right after that he asked for the veggies so that he can grow and run fast too.

I knew I wasn’t going to overdo it and overwhelm him so I asked what kind of vegetables he was willing to try. 

We tried a small cooked carrot and some broccoli Which he bit into reluctantly but it was a success. After each bite he would put the vegetable back in the bowl and run down the hall to show his speed. Mommy, daddy and sissy would just cheer him on. 

It got him excited and motivated to eat another veggie. 

It seemed like that was the trick that would work because he would always ASK if he was growing or running faster. I would answer….if you’ve eatin’ a veggie! I stay cautious because I don’t want to overdo it and show too much excitement because then he will start either expecting it too much or just stop trying to eat them.
I just wanted him to know I was proud of him. 

So now that I know he is open to trying the vegetables I will slowly start introducing them to him but not force it.

The way I’m going to introduce the veggies will be what I call “super veggies” which he will be the key word for growth and speed. 

Small victory, big step. 



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