The SQUAT circuit CHALLENGE!!!

*Each of these exercises shown are called KNEE DOMINANT exercises, because you are hinging from your knees, but with that being said, so that you’re not feeling in it your knees, you must, for each squat, push your hips BACK to allow you to go down into the squat, therefore your weight will be distributed posteriorly (heels of your feet and butt). Chest stays up and keep core tight by pulling navel toward spine as you go into squat.
1) Squat and Swing
2) Squat Jumps
3) Squat into Side Kick (Abduction)
4) Bodyweight squats (or weighted squats- optional)
5) Side to Side Squats

Have fun….



One thought on “The SQUAT circuit CHALLENGE!!!

  1. Nichelle

    This will be my 2nd week of doing the circuit challenge for squats, I’d like to consider myself in pretty good shape and that my endurance is high…well after challening myself to this (squats), I beg to differ lol. Crystal states to do them twice a week, I see why now…if your looking for a great way to tone up your thighs and glutes, this is for you, you’ll definitely get that “sweet burn”, stay consistent and I’m sure you’ll see the results you want!!

    September 27, 2015 at 2:40 pm

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