The Resistance

I was waiting for a 10:30a training client- 10:35 rolled around, then 10:40a. I started to worry, so I sent a message “Where you at, where you be?!” Not long after sending the message, they showed up. Their response to my message was, “I am coming…resistance is high, but I’ll be there.”

It wasn’t until we got into the training session and talking that I knew exactly what she meant by resistance. When life comes at you with different expectations than you had, you become resistant to something while focusing or dwelling on something else. After while, you realize that the very thing you were resisting is what you needed all along.

When it’s freezing outside, and you know you have things to do, but the resistance kicks in and you just want to snuggle in your pjs, sleep longer and not go anywhere.

When we get sick, we dwell in that sickness because we don’t feel good, therefore, we become resistant in wanting to do anything that may require us to move.

When our careers are either going very well or not so well, we dwell or get focused in either trying to keep the thriving of the career going or hustling to get the career going, all while being resistant to other things in your life that need tended to.

This has happened to me before, and the change came in the message of my children. I was working too hard. It was effecting my health. All though I really wanted to get things done for my career, my children needed me more and my health needed to get back to par.

The resistance is really strong when you finally make the decision to change your situation, when you realize its a change you have to make for the better. Sometimes you resist yourself, but when its important, its a fight you have to battle and WIN.

As I told my client this metaphor, it’s like a little child holding onto your leg as you are walking. The resistance tries to hold on tight!

That’s exactly what my client was going through- being sick, traveling, and working a lot. It was what seemed like a never ending cycle, until she decided to break it.

The Resistance is hard, but its life, its all in how and when we choose to break that chain and move forward.



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