The process

The process for me within these last 2 weeks have been CRAZY!!!!! Right after coming back from vacation, I had a few days of trying to catch up with work. I knew the following week would be the challenge because my schedule had a 2 day training that was a hour away, working a Director on Duty shift (til close) taking my son for his routine check-up, and doing a speaking engagement for a college University class. There was one day between all of that, which I forced myself to get myself back in the groove. I honestly hadn’t done a “routine” workout” since going on vacation. So I knew me doing THIS workout was going to be a tough one for me…BUT I DID IT!!!!

I will go more in detail in a future video of all I have had to embrace and overcome within those couple weeks. I know someone else has been through something like this in a similar way!

Anywho, operation of MAKING IT RIGHT, GETTING IT TIGHT is still in FOCUS!!!