The Process is REAL and IMPORTANT

I never thought I would find myself in a place in my life where I felt outside of myself. What I mean by that is, I got to a place where I knew I wasn’t being me because I let too many things consume me and overwhelm me. It came to the point where, I THOUGHT I was being myself, but outwardly others could see differently, just by asking…”Is everything alright?” I had no idea I was showing anxiety or a look of anxiousness on my face.

It came to a point that I realized I needed to SLOW down and PRIORITIZE my time. I can do a lot of things I have set goals to accomplish, however, I CANNOT do it all at once. More importantly, I cannot do anything without God. I was trying to hard to do this, or that, but it was literally getting me no where and effecting not only my family but my health.

I share this with YOU because you could very well find yourself or have found yourself in this position. LIFESTYLE is very important. When it comes to health and fitness, its SOOOOOOOOOO much more than eating right and exercising, because those two components depend vastly on the other decisions we make in life. Sleep, healthy relationships, career, faith, the list goes on.

If we cant take the time to slow down and prioritize, so many other things within our lifestyle get compromised.

It took me to admit that I need to refocus. In church today a guest Pastor said “It’s now how you start, It’s how you finish. PROCESS is important to God. The process takes me to the finished product.”

When I think about that and how it relates to my health and fitness journey, I know my journey will always be a process but how I deal with that process is critical. The choices I make are important because my choices can either jeopardize me or support me.

In my health and fitness journey, my mental, physical and spiritual wellness is what helps me get through the process. If one of those wellness components are off, everything can get thrown off. Lately, it has been thrown off and but I have myself to blame for that because I just let myself get too busy and let it overcome me. I had to let go and let God!

If you are in a place of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or just feel outside of yourself like I was…its not a good place to be. Let go and let God!!