The Power of I AM….Nov. 15th

Wanted to share with you all as we enter a new week, what I was motivated with, by my Pastor at church today…The power of I AM…

Your words produce life or death & What YOU say creates an atmosphere no matter if you say it by yourself, or with others around…

Just want to encourage everyone that no matter what is thrown our way we are able!!

I was enlightened and challenged, starting TOMORROW, to begin using the POWER OF “I AM” – After the kind of week I had, I found this to be a VERY useful tool in our daily lives.

When I start my day I will say;

I am BLESSED…I am FREE (nothing can keep me bound), I am VALUABLE, I am a MASTERPIECE (stop criticizing who you are), I am STRONG, I am FORGIVEN!!!

I hope this helps you as much as it has already helped me.