The Patience Challenge

Never would I have thought doing the “fruit snack” challenge would teach my youngest patience. He is one, that if he wants some thing he wants it now and will have a tantrum (you know I’m not having it 🤣) 

I used the word patience with him not long ago and he asked what that meant so these were the best examples I could give and actually having him practice it. Although he can still be very eager or frustrated when he wants something, this is the prime time for him to learn!! 

I know he is learning because there has been more than one occasion he will run into the kitchen, sit at the table and say “Mommy, I am going to sit and wait until the food is done. I’m being patient!” I smile because he is catching on. 

Slowly but surely the habit will form. It’s not just about  Learning how to be patient with food but he’s learning the habit of being patient with all sorts of things as he continues to grow. not everything that is wanted is going to be ready when he wants it to be. If he wants it he will learn to wait until it’s ready for him. A great life lesson. 

In this one instance he’s stood next to the oven waiting for the pizza to be ready. He just stood there quietly looking at the pizza get prepared. I said “Bubs, are you waiting patiently for the pizza to be ready?” With a smile on his face he said “yes I am waiting to hear the ding!” 🤣🤣🤣

Enjoy these clips! 

Cookie and Pizza Challenge aka Patience



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