The Old Fit Me -VS- The New Fit Me

I’ve asked this question on different occasions, how often do you take the time to reflect on life? For me, I tend to try and reflect as often as I can just to keep things in perspective and myself aware.
fitness, has always been a part of my life since the age of six. I can reflect back on as early as age 10 in comparison to now. As a young athlete there wasn’t much that you had to think about you just up and did things. Even in high school and college if there weren’t any injuries, there wasn’t much of anything you would second-guess When it came to performing anything that was relative to Fitness.

Now that I am a grown adult, and a mother, I definitely second guess some things that I do now in my fitness. I make sure that I train smart. There are a lot of things that I did when I was younger that I can do now, however I just feel it differently 🤣 and I think most people who’ve been on a fitness journey for a length of time now can agree with me.

My mentality has always been of an athlete and I think that’s important for me so that I maintain confidence as I continue to embrace this journey.

What I am trying to get those of you who are reading this blog to understand (read between the lines) is, we are going to have inevitable changes happen to us as we get older but that should not decrease our confidence, We have to embrace that! We should not limit ourselves to the work we are actually still capable of doing.

We tie our age to so many things and use that to limit us. Our bodies are going to change no matter what but if we aren’t willing to continue to try, and be smart about it, then we are going to find ourselves in a tight box where we haven’t given ourselves any options to continue to progress.

The old fit me had it going on and put in a lot of work that my body went through, but I recovered quick. The new fit me still has it going on 😉 My body still goes through a lot (not as much as it did in the past), but this time around it may take me a little longer to complete my workouts, and my recovery takes a little longer but I am OK with that! I am adjusting to those changes yet still being able to progress.

It can be so easy to compare your past to your present but it’s all in how you look at the perspective. I have seen and heard so many stories of older adults who actually started their fitness journey at the age of 60 and are in the best shape of their lives.

I could only imagine had they started their journey 30 or 40 years ago how their perspective on their journey may have been. Who knows? But what I do know is that if exercise/ Fitness Has been an important piece in their life, as they got older it was something they adapted to, to continue on with their journey. They may have had to make some changes along the way But never limited themselves due to getting older.

I hope YOU embrace the changes in your journey.

I embraced the old fit me and I definitely embrace the new fit me! 💪🏽



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