The Mommy Hook

So I was shopping for a baby shower gift for a cousin at Target. This Target had just opened up, brand new, and was giving me all the good feels. As I was shopping around I came across this hook that I thought would benefit my cousin in the near future. Not only did I purchase one for her but I got one for myself.

This hook is a great reminder for me as a Momma that sometimes I have it all together and sometimes I don’t.

This hook for me, represents STRENGTH. Of all the responsibilities I take care of, somehow I keep it all together, even when the load is heavy. Granted, how I am keeping it together is not of my own strength but of the Lord’s. When I am weak He is strong for me and that’s why I feel like even when times are rough for me, I still can get through it, even if its ugly.

This who basically represents to me, God’s Strength. I am telling you, these were thoughts going through my head, in Target, as I held this hook in my hand. Of all of the bags I carry, God holds me together!

“My bags” that I hold include but not limited to, cleaning, washing clothes, making lunches, making sure the kids are prepared for school, be a nurturer, full time career, my health, my fitness, being a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, boss…..the list continues and they are bags I carry daily. Days where I feel like I am going to tip over. I actually love the bags I carry and its a honor to me, but when they are all carried at once, sometimes its just overwhelming.

However, the hook reminded me that God will never put more on me than I can bare because if I truly reflect on it all, despite the bags I carry, God got through it all and I am here, still standing! No matter how heavy the load got, how difficult it was to carry, He actually lightened the load by making sure I got through it!

So I will hold this “Mommy” hook with honor and thankfulness that the Lord GOT ME.



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