The God in me

I LOVE when my kids talk about God and worship in song. My husband and I are in awe of how God works in their life.

We pray over them continually for their health, protection, the relationships they build, favor/blessings, and to serve others genuinely with love, kindness and care.

I see the God in them because they are genuine, pure and authentic and their LOVE is so strong.

Rey’s shirt says: Servant Leadership is our Identity- The Kids took part in Serve your Community day. They truly enjoyed it and had fun learning and serving.

Us as parents know that it all begins at home. What we value and believe get instilled in our children and we see their lives play out in what they learned and saw as they grow. It is so important to plant the seed and continue to sew into their lives.

A prayer I like to use over my children:

I declare, in Jesus name, that my child will know your purpose for their life and will be used in a great way by you! I believe they will have powerful testimonies and be salt and light to all people around them. I pray that they will walk closely with you and be vessels that honor you in all things.



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