The Foundation is Reality!

Wanted to post this yet again but for another purpose —> to share what I like to call THE FOUNDATION IS REALITY.

Where you start is of upmost importance because you grow from that point on. In the health and fitness realm, I have come in contact with quite a few people who don’t want to know their numbers or where they are at that moment prior to beginning their journey and would rather skip that and try to do something before coming back to that foundation so that they have greater numbers that are pleasing to them. I understand in a sense… However if you set that foundation and except the reality of where you are in the beginning, you put the work towards what you are setting out to do, that foundation that you started out with will be so much more accepting and understood as a story of where you started and where you are at the moment. Your foundation is what sets you up for greater things even if you think your foundation is ugly it is OK because the more you work at it the better it will start looking to you. 

You think the top picture of me I wanted to know where I was at that moment??Hecks no! But deep down inside I knew that I was about to make a change and this was going to be my best opportunity to find out where I was at that time and compare it to where I would be as I went along my journey.

So if you are that person who is just starting in your journey or starting over don’t be afraid to set that foundation (example: a starting scale weight, girth measurements, BEFORE photos, etc etc) and accept it’s reality. Lay the foundation and build from there! 

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