So I think I posted this a while back and bringing it back for YOU to try. This particular workout picture I saw on IG, was NOT made by me. It does give ideas of how you can make it your own!

I will offer a way for you, your family/friends to incorporate this as a weekly or every other week Fitness game.

This is how YOU can make your OWN, ALPHABET WORKOUT is- Instead of using your name every single time, use flashcards and choose 4-5 different names that have minimum of 7 letters- You can make the names fun and interesting like…i.e FERNANDO or ANALISSA….

Choose exercises that will go with each letter of the alphabet- Some exercises can be repeated for other letters, it just may have different reps. (I.E as shown in the picture above)

You can do this ALPHABET workout by TIME (see how long it takes to complete it) or do the workout by sets (how many sets you can do of the name) Its all up to YOU, as long as its a workout for you.

Go ahead and give it a try!! MAKE IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT!!