The Energy I Give & Energy I Take

I remember reading something that said “Your energy introduces you before you even speak”

What energy are you producing? The energy that we give or take plays a huge factor in our every day lives.

One important thing I learned that I want to share with you, something I heard a while back and have never forgotten…The energy I give is not only my responsibility within myself but it is a responsibility that could essentially make or break someone else’s day. What that means is, I do not want to take any responsibility of making someone else’s day worse because of any negative energy I bring (such as a stank attitude) Anyone I cross paths with, I never know what they could be going through, and they could just be having that day where they feel the world is on their shoulders. The only responsibility I want to have is making somebody else feel good and appreciated, whether if its a smile, verbal hello or a hug. I have had to work on that and realized how draining it could be not just for me, but to the other person I have effected as well.

About a week ago my energy was nearly taken from me from another person who just could not see any good in ANYTHING! All they wanted to to was argue and complain. Nothing I could say would get through to them, so instead of allowing my energy to continually get drawn away from me I had to look the other way. I knew I did all I could do and I did not want to bring my energy level attitude down to where this person was. The energy that was taken from me effected some of my day to the point where it had me focused only on that situation for a while and I literally had to keep thinking what would Jesus do. I told myself, Crystal remember you have to choose your battles. I would never let my energy be taken like that again especially when it was over something so minuscule. My energy is precious and I want to use it in the best way I can!

When we ALLOW Others to zap our energy over silly mess it can drain you in your dimensions of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abilities. We take ownership of the energy we give and the energy we take.



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