The end of my 21 day fast

So as most of you may not know, January 1st my husband and I, along with our church went on a Daniels fast (instructs on what foods/drinks to have and what foods/drinks to stay away from). Never was this fast in any obligation for anyone nor did you have to follow the Daniel fast. You could fast from Facebook, TV, or certain things that you truly struggle with or always feel need to have when you really don’t.

The purpose of the fast was to connect to God at a more personal level and gain strength mentally, physically and spiritually with God’s help. At the end of the fast, those who participated, should feel accomplished, more connected with God and more empowered.

In saying that, I prayed about going on this fast and what direction God wanted me to go. The direction God put on my heart wasn’t so much the specific Daniel fast but it was something I struggled with ALL THE TIME and I knew it was time to focus on taking control of that…and of course God knew it too. The fast was getting off my SUGAR RUSH! Me and JUICE (CRANBERRY AND ORANGE JUICE) , I felt like I NEEDED to have a glass with EVERY MEAL, it was like an addiction. I could tell how my body responded after so long…sluggish and heavier. If there were donuts (frosted cake donuts to be exact) at work, I was grabbing one. Now don’t get me wrong, I still ate healthy, but if the opportunity presented itself with juice or a baked good, please believe I was taking the offer!

Let me just tell you the power of prayer…In those 21 days, I was NOT tempted for juice or baked goods, even when I went grocery shopping! Funny thing is, and it seems like it always happens this way, when you’re trying to do better something that you’re trying to fight off ALWAYS presents itself.

The FIRST day of my fast, we had our 5k run and what did they have for staff?? O.J and donuts!!! I declined. I am VERY proud of myself through this 21 day journey. To be honest, I really thought I would have a hard time, but I was able to make mends and become friends with H2O. I did have 1 instance where I wish I brought a water bottle with me to a breakfast event I attended. Water and Juice were the beverages offered. I chose the water to go with my meal. However, when I drank the water I almost got sick, it DID NOT taste right at all, and others confirmed as well. So O.J was the only other choice. Before pouring a glass of O.J I prayed and knew God knew where my heart was on the situation. I drank it and left it at that. Once I was back at work, water it was.

Now that the fast is over, I can truly say, and the reason I share this with YOU is because, when you set your mind on the struggles you deal with and defeating them, IT CAN BE DONE! Now that I am off the fast, I can re-introduce some of those things back in, but now I have conditioned myself where instead of having juice everyday, I can have it 1-2 times a week OR not drink it at all for a week!

We make it TOOOOO EASY to just say, its ok, when it really isn’t. If we want great things to occur for ourselves, we have to be willing and ready to do it and stick to it.


No matter what it is you struggle with, If I can do you, you surely can!!!