The Dentist Chronicles

Rey has had successful teeth cleaning appointments but it was on her latest teeth clean appointment they noticed a small gray spot on one of her baby teeth! From the dentist, it wasn’t anything major to worry about, but wanted to take care of the small cavity now so that it would not spread. 

Parents… before I share the rest kind of everything I’ve continued learning and taking my babies to their appointments is as they grow older of course they are going to get more independent but that still doesn’t mean that they can do it as thoroughly all the time. I know we get tired a lot and when the kids get that age where they now know how to do it own their own, we tend to back off. We should! However, especially for kids who have r hit the double digits yet, occasionally doing it ourselves to make sure that it’s being done right makes a huge difference. It doesn’t take away from their independence. I call it a parent check up. Every so often I may brush their teeth for them just to make sure they are getting all of their teeth and not just going through the motions and trying to hurry up. 

I was a bit surprised because Rey is that  “eat healthy” little girl. But hey! Being a kid comes with cavities 🤷🏽‍♀️ … little did I know, Just by asking more questions and allowing the professionals to explain, I got a better understanding of other reasons things could cause a cavity. 

If you listen in to this first clip, which is her teeth cleaning appointment, the dentists assistant explains that by Rey loosing teeth,  young children tend to get scared to brush their teeth if a tooth is loose or if they just lost one. They neglect the surrounding teeth or hardly brush because they are aware and sensitive. Makes a lot of sense! 

Please notice the difference in attitude from a regular cleaning appointment to getting a tooth filled appointment. 

In any appointment with a professional as I’ve always said it’s important to listen and ask questions so that you understand what’s going on and how and what to look out for in the future in regards to health. 

The reason they highly recommended her  having her baby tooth filled was to prevent any future spreading or harm to her adult tooth. The fillings that I used to get when I was a kid definitely changed over the years. 


The tooth filling appointment, Rey was not having it. Once she saw the “new tools” being introduced to her mouth, it was a wrap. We never got it done that day. She DID allow them to use seal protectors for her other back teeth to prevent any cavities but the one tooth that needed treated for a filling….. Not today! Had to reschedule. 😂😂😂

Please notice the body language compared to the tooth cleaning appointment. 

Please enjoy 😉 

The Teeth Cleaning Appointment and Learning

The Tooth Filling Appointment


Healthy sweet treats

I met Anique at a local Farmers Market Where she was selling a pretty unique treat her and her family started in their very own kitchen. What attracted me to it was the healthy yet SwEeT nutrition factor for kids. I shared in a past blog about too good eats, But wanted to bring it up again as I received an email updating her customers on their summer edition treats. 

Check it out for your kiddos!

Here is her IG page



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