The Confidence Posture

Often in my life, I have always wondered if I seem intimidating because of the way I “carry” myself- If people are hesitant to get to know me because I walk too fast or my posture is too astute.

Listen, I come with the biggest piece of humble pie there is out there (preferably cherry, key lime or lemon merienge if we are being specific to the pie). 😁

During a training session with one of my clients, I prepared them for a little “homework” to be more aware of when they were out and about doing their normal activities.

  • Keep your chest up
  • shoulders back
  • belly button pulled in.

As I instructed that, my client began practicing and immediately said “Oh wow, that does make a difference! I feel like I have a little more confidence when I walk, almost like a “cocky” walk.

Whether it looks confident or cocky, the posture is for a reason. For those of you who have to sit at a desk at work- the body takes a TOLL! Glutes, low back, upper back, shoulders, core muscles, and hamstrings are all jeopardized. This is where a lot of back pain/discomfort and poor posture stem. The poor posture is adaptation to unhealthy ergonomics, therefore causes postural stress.

If not staying aware of your posture, you could potentially start walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame Just because your alignment becomes so used to that position. Your muscles have tightened up causing it hard to straighten yourself back into a more upright alignment.

Why walk with a hunchback when you can walk with confidence!

I would be remissed not to mention other postures to look out for that sometimes don’t come from unhealthy ergonomics but rather conditions that could be linked to possible genetics.

  • Kyphosis– An exaggerated, forward rounding of the back (hunch)
  • Lordosis– An excessive inward curvature of the spine- (Appears as if you are intentionally sticking your butt out)
  • Scolosis– Also known as the “S” Spine is a S like curvature of the spinal cord

If you’ve been having problems trying to achieve a better posture, but you are still having issues/discomfort, its best to check in with your doctor to see if you may have signs/symptoms of one of the above 3 mentioned.

I want YOU to practice this as well throughout your day. It makes SUCH a difference.

If you are one that has a desk job, work on your posture even in the seated position BUT make sure you are getting up and moving around to elongate your posture and muscles so that they don’t cramp and tighten.

When you begin working on your posture and being more aware of it, trust me, not only are you going to notice a difference, but others will too, just in how you walk.



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