The Blueberry taste tester

For those of you who have younger children or grandchildren do you have creative ways of getting little ones to try different foods?

I’ve shared similar stories in the past in my blogs but this one was the cherry on the top for me with my son.

He had developed a slight cold with sniffles, and the first thing I knew I needed to get his immune system boosted back up, outside of the multivitamins the kids get, was real whole foods such as berries. He loves strawberries and clementines but always shied away from blueberries and I think it’s just because of how they look.

He is also on this kick, like I think any other 3 to 5 year old boy would be, is action super hero’s. He loves him some Spiderman “Myles Morales”, So I figured if I introduce the blueberry, knowing that it was sweet to taste but also that it would give superhero power that he would consider trying it.

I honestly placed the phone across the table not even knowing if it was going to get us in view but it did! It was perfect to see his reaction and mine as well. I honestly forgot the phone was there because I got so into seeing if he was going to try the blueberry or not.

Cheers to trying to make it work with the kiddos!