The Black Dress

This just happened….
I have to brag on my clients because the Lord has blessed and placed me with some of the most Humbling and caring clients I could have.
This morning I was scheduled to train one of my dear clients and I received a message from her to come down to the ladies locker room for a fashion show. We had been discussing a while back, of a few dresses that she wanted to wear for an upcoming event and her goal was to fit it and look good.
When I got to the locker room she already had one of the dresses on and look absolutely stunning, and had the biggest smile. She had a total of three dresses she wanted me to see her in but before she tried on her second dress she looked at me and said, “I want you to try on this other dress” I just think that you will look great in it. As much as I tried To get out of trying on the dress she was not taking no for an answer. She wanted to know what it was really suppose to look like on. LOL. So I tried on the dress and it fit great.
She looked at me with this big smile and says “I want you to have it”… I was SPEECHLESS! I humbly declined but again she was not taking no for an answer.
We left out of the ladies locker room, one black evening dress in my hands as if i went shopping.
The funny thing about it is, she gave me this beautiful black dress knowing that I was about to kick her butt in her training session lol.