The beauty in Dr. Martin Luther King Day
January 2016 on MLK day
January 2017 MLK Day


Am I at work today on MLK day…Yes I am. Actually, I am proud to do so…why? My grandfather had the opportunity to walk and speak with Mr. King…and one thing my grandfather fought for in Cleveland, the city of Maple Heights, which was supported by Mr. King was blacks getting equally opportunity jobs (teachers, fire fighters..many more) when the only opportunity most had was janitorial duties. Where God has placed me in my career, I’m more than grateful and happy to do what I love because it emcompasses one of the very things Dr. King and my Grandfather stood for…. Love, Repect & Kindness.

The photo you see below is one of the reasons I do what I do AND beauties I Thank God for. I know my Grandfather and Dr. King would be smiling on. Different races, backgrounds, ages, sizes, fitness levels…ALL WORKING TOGETHER!!!

My Grandfathers’ book will never go in vain and I want to live up to the title of the book my papa wrote…Born to Make A Difference!!

I said these very similar words a year ago on this day and nothing has changed other than the beauty that has grown bringing everyone together.

The first picture you see above was a year ago today. The picture after that is of todays class.

The difference between last year’s class and today’s class is far more diversity and participation and I absolutely love it! a lot of people had today off and although they did they still chose to get a workout in.

Today’s Energy awesome!

Thank you Dr. King!