The Attachment of a Parent and your Child’s Heart ♥️

This has been on my mind so often every time I think about my children and their blessings they give me. Thinking back to when I gave birth and the doctor would immediately place my baby on the my chest that child is in tune. Living in a mothers womb for nine months and hearing the mothers heartbeat Becomes an attachment.
So when the child is brought into the world that child still needs that Attachment. That’s probably why they cling and can find you wherever you go LOL

But the thing that has really got my mind wrapped up, is as a parent, have YOU ever put your ear to your child’s chest or back and listened to your child’s heartbeat?

While my babies sleep and I pray over them, I have rested my ear over their chest just to hear the pitter patter of their heart, Brings so much more meaning to this thing we call life. 

I think this attachment that I am talking about is a dependent on emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. 

I did a survey recently that asked questions about relationships within a family/household. The explanation of why the survey was being done was because depending on the relationship, for example, a parent has with their child. If it’s not a healthy one it could increase the risk of disease, mental and social problems. 

In someway I truly believe now, that when a child is clingy and just wants to be with you it’s because they are needing that attachment that they had when they were first laid on your chest. They know their parents heartbeat. 

On a hilarious note…if this isn’t true I don’t know what is!!! This is exactly what I’m talking about. Our kids KNOW!!!! That attachment will never go away!!

Sweet Treat:

Every so often on a Friday I like to do something “special” for the kids especially now after doing well during a school week. 

What child doesn’t like a treat?! 

On this past Friday I decided to get them a treat that my cousins, sister and I use to enjoy over our grandparents house. 

LUIGIS Italian ICE!!!!

My kids absolutely love luigis and I love it  because I consider it a light yet delightful treat. No heavy ingredients.  Made with real fruit juice and no high fructose corn syrup. 

The Fooducate App rates it a B-



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