This was Rey’s second time at the Dentist, and she took it like a G!!! As you can tell from the picture, she was in chill mode.

This was a first time she got “camera shots” of her teeth 🦷, so she got to wear some cool shades.

3 things we found out from pictures and cleaning

  • Overall her dental health was good for her age She got the thumbs ups
  • Rey has 3 baby teeth loose
  • the Dentist found a spot in one her back molars

Although the Dentist has no worries about it, there were a few thoughts that came to mind I wanted to share.

When it comes to children’s oral health, I think sometimes we as parents think that just because our children are young and they have baby teeth, they’ll fall out and all we really need to concentrate and worry about are the adult teeth.

No. The moment our children can begin eating solids and drinking different types of drinks, it’s The teeth and gums begin absorbing it all.

How it was explained to us pertaining to the Tooth that showed a spot on the photo, was that it may not have been getting brushed well enough therefore causing that tooth to create buildup/plaque (thus the spot).

Yes. it’s a baby tooth, but if it gets to the enamel or even the root that’s a real issue.

When it came to brushing, Rey was always opening her mouth wide thinking if she did that, that she would be able to reach the back teeth, when in actuality she needed to close her mouth to give space in the back.

Now I understand why they say it’s so important to get your kids in early rather than later.

Now that I’ve been made aware and had that revelation, we were only brushing mainly in the morning. NOW it’s morning and night AND working on the flossing.

Moral of the story is, our kids don’t know any better, but us as parents do (at least I hope so🙃) to make sure we stay up with our kids health. Include dentist check ups and not just physicals. 😉



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