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Now that the kids are of age where they understand what mommy does (career wise) and what mommy enjoys really doing, it seems that both brother and sister have formulated some kind of power duo that they keep each other up to speed when they know mommy is about to do a work out.

I swear it never fails just when I think I’m about to do a solo work out I hear the small pitter patter of footsteps coming down the stairs. If one of them is with me, eventually the other one is going to show up.

This time it happened a little differently where brother showed up first (Normally it’s sister who is first) and did a work out with me, but it wasn’t long until sister came downstairs and waited until we were done so that she could do her part with me while Brother rested.

No matter how it is done if both of them are in the house while I’m doing a work out, it’s guaranteed that both of them will show up and participate as a team. They are like their own mini sibling fit club and mommy can’t be mad at that. I love it.

create your own family fit club team!

Fit Club Duo



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