In this season of life what we are going through we are trying to figure out ways how to obviously keep ourselves healthy and fit. Our timelines are flooded with all sorts of work out videos but I wanted to change it up a bit this week and share what my good friend and colleague, Molly, shared with one of our bible study groups and fitness groups. I thought it was the perfect health and fit tip to share during this time. Please read in it’s entirety. I think you can pull a lot of good tips from below

Health Survival Guide 

By Molly Linek, MPH, RD Registered Dietitian;

For many of us, this new way of existing has been a steep learning curve of survival. Now that we all recognize that this will be our new state of normal, we HAVE to create a healthy way of existing within the parameters of social distancing and limited interactions within our dwelling space. 

We all know the need for structure, consistency, and routine. Now is paramount to develop that for our new norm. We must keep consistent with exercise, nutrition, mental wellbeing, and work-balance life. Here are a few “rules” that can help when structuring yours: 


1. 10x10x10: 

This rule means: identify 10 exercises, complete them 10 times each for a total of 10 minutes every hour for 10 hours (or how ever long you decide but definitely decide) 

10 Exercises: 

1. Plank (10 seconds) 2. crunches

3. Body weight squats 4. Calf raises 

5. Push ups

6. Wall sits (10 seconds)

7. overhead side to side core stretch

8. Side plank (10 seconds)

9. Side plank (10 seconds)

10. Side lunges

After completing these exercises walk your stairs for the remaining 10 mins 

2. 10×8: 

The next important rule to stay healthy is drinking water/fluids. One approach you could take is 10 ounces of water per hour for 8 hours. That may seem extreme for some people but consider all fluids in this equation as well modify it based on your body size(50%of body weight in fluid ounces), health concerns, and doctor recommendations. The idea is, have something in place to guide you, whatever that may be for you. 

3. 5×5 

This next rule designates the number servings of vegetables and fruits to consume plus providing 5 different varieties. Proper nutrition in the form of vegetables and fruits is VITAL to surviving this pandemic without contracting other illnesses. We have to stay committed to our bodies NOW so we can rejoin the community healthy! 

4. 1x1x1 

Our attitude right now is definitely being challenged as constant fear, pressure, and the unknown berates us from every angle. Find one positive word that resonates with you, say it every hour (or more if possible), for one full day. Then choose another.


One word: HOPE – said every hour all day will manifest into a positive outlook on the day 

5. 8×5 

Our children and ourselves in some professions are being asked to work from home. That is a challenging undertaking for so many reasons. So having a firm schedule in place will help to identify how long, when, and where the “work” takes place. Discuss locations in your home that can be work stations. Identify the time periods that each person will be in that space working and how many days that will take place for the week. 

Think about grouping block hours for projects first. Then fill in the task list around that time. 

No matter what your schedule looks like, it is imperative to create one. We are living in Survival mode but that doesn’t mean our health and well being should be neglected! Make your plan of action and take back some control!

We can DO THIS!!



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