Supportive or Destructive habits

Ever since this weekend, more so today, my mind has gone into a recharge and reload Focus.

For those who truly know me know I can’t do anything or go far without My Savior Jesus Christ. I am a True Believer of finding relative balance when it comes to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If my spirit isn’t well then everything else starts falling by the wayside.

I’ve gotten back into reading my scriptures and notes that I’ve taken when in church.

One of the notes that I had taken a while back and came across said “We tend to have uphill hopes, with downhill habits….”

This speaks volumes and could apply to any situation regarding wanting progression and achievement.

In order for you and I to grow and succeed in anything are determined by the habits in which we hold on to or let go of. Are they supportive or destructive?

The habits that we can’t seem to pry ourselves away from that don’t offer any growth, are the very things holding us back for the longest.

Its time for uphill hopes and uphill habits.