Supportive Nutrition

This is a “FRESH” and friendly reminder of supportive nutrition.

How well, currently, is your nutritional habits supportive to you and your goals?

You could be giving yourself too many “brownie” points thats taking you off course or do you feel you mare staying on point?

Whatever way you are doing, keep in mind that’s what is currently supporting you whether it’s toward your goals or not.

If you are really trying to reach goals make sure that you always plan ahead by preparing, be consistent but not perfect, eat Whole Foods That say exactly what ingredients are in it, and that you can read. Most of all stay in tune with your body because as we eat these foods, when our body digests it, our body will respond to it in a good, bad or in different way and that’s how you can tailor what direction you need to go that will be supportive to your goals. 💪🏽



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