Stubborn One

Bear was adopted into our family as our fur baby child….well Moreso mine than my hubby lol. For the kids they absolutely love calling Bear their brother. But I have to admit with Bear being the youngest in the family he is most certainly stubborn and he knows it! I’m still figuring out how to adjust when it comes to any kind of family workouts because he likes to take over!

As you will see in this 2 minute clip he WOULD NOT budge, claimed his area and had the nerve to get attitudes for us using the boxes. So rude 🤣

We knew Bear enjoyed it but more importantly my kids had a blast with their fur brother.

The Stubborn One

Having a dog has given the kids so much more responsibility, showing compassion, love, care and being active.

Its definitely been an adjustment and responsibility for the “rents” but its all been worth it for the kiddos!!!



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