Strategic process

Have you ever wondered why people choose to go on a diet? More specifically, why they would choose the Keto, Paleo, Intermittent, Atkins, or the whole 30…(the list goes on)? It’s most commonly chosen because it will help lose weight as their first answer, and somewhere down the list, to have healthier habits, or to begin to a healthier lifestyle.

No matter what chose is made, everything is an actual strategic process. What I mean by strategic process, to make it simple, whatever “diet” you follow, is going to have “criteria/guidelines” on how you are to follow the diet in order to see results. That is great and all, because I do believe having something to follow to keep us on track, is an a great accountability measure. What is not great, is if the strategic process you are following is hurting you more than its suppose to help you. Example, if you lose weight, the scale number goes down, but you’ve lost muscle, or you feel sick all the time.

A strategic process should be looked at as a LIFESTYLE and not a diet. If you cannot follow a strategic process for an extended amount of time because you are struggling to keep up with it, that’s simply a diet and not a lifestyle. Look to find something that, first and foremost, SUPPORTS your health overall, because guess what? Other benefits of a healthy and supportive process will follow.

Listen below of my take on strategic processes and a link I share about a lovely lady, Lauren Fitz, who talks about one of the strategic processes, Intermittent fasting and breaks it down.

Embrace The Process

I like her nail polish 💅 😂 so random



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