Still holds true
Good morning!!! Pastor Washington said it right… I will NOT apologize for God blessing me!! Don’t be envious of someone’s elevation… If He’s blessing me, He can surely bless YOU! *SMILE*

Wow… came across this photo of me that I posted last year. believe it or not I was pregnant, my third pregnancy. Over that weekend things unfortunately had turned for the worse and I was scheduled to see the doctor first thing that Monday morning. Ironically that appointment was supposed my 12 week checkup.
This picture was of me sitting in my car out in front of my doctor’s office. Knowing what the possible outcome could be, I sat in my car and thought of the sermon my pastor back home had preached that Sunday.
It helped encourage me and I felt it could encourage others.
I may have left out of my doctor’s office with tears and sorrow but for any of you who watched my video I posted a few days ago you know where I’m at now and like I say in this picture. ..I am not ashamed of God blessing me. it still holds true!