Stick with what challenges YOU!

We ALL have to start somewhere and wherever that is, proves to be the most challenging. If you are consistent with it, after a while, what once what challenging, is not anymore. You body has now become accustomed to that load of work. When its time to change things up, that’s when results can either come to a halt, or progress.

So many times, when someone has got to the point where they have got over that “hump”/challenge, that’s where they should remain and they end up staying complacent. I often hear this phrase when I introduce an exercise in a workout “I HATE that exercise!” Why??? Because it challenges them!!! Not because it brings pain, but because it brings discomfort that makes the person get out of their comfort zone.

If you shy away from exercises that get you out of your comfort zone, make you sweat and CHALLENGE YOU, that is indeed the exercises you need to be incorporating in your workout regime. As a matter of fact, some exercises that people try to stay away from because of that “discomfit feel” is the very exercises that need to be included. Why??? Those could be the muscles you are ignoring and therefore lack the most strength and support that your body needs overall.  That is a major factor in seeing new results through your journey.

So in saying that, don’t stay complacent, stick with what challenges you, to make you a better YOU!!!