Step yourself to the challenge

You’ve always heard, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”….As that can hold true in some situations-

Well in THIS case…What doesn’t challenge you, can hold you back!

There are so many people who keep the SAME routine week in and week out, not increasing load, resistance, speed, incline, etc etc. There could be a slew of reasons why- Most reasons include: afraid to try something different, afraid to feel pushed or feel that “burn”

Burpees are probably one of the ultimate look away when it comes to adding into a routine. Why? Because the exercise forces you to use your whole body, gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. There are so many ways to do burpees too from making it very modified to very advanced.

Burpees aren’t the only exercise some may shy away from, it could be any exercise that gives challenge.


My suggestion to you, if you are one to skip over challenges…DONT DO IT!! the only way you can get better and continue to get results is by a challenge.





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