Amidst this pandemic crisis, I will not be shaken. This craziness will go down in history, something that as I get older, I will look back on and say, “I lived through that” 

Since the pandemic broke out I honestly have to say I have remained at peace and with a humble heart. I know nothing is too big for my God and that His blood covers over me and my loved ones daily. 

I ask God for wisdom, guidance and discernment through this crucial time. 

With that being said, I keep up with my nutritional and fitness routines as I always have, but not naive to what’s going on that if any changes that need to be made, be done.

As I said earlier, I am at peace and I refuse to let fear creep in. 

As my profession goes with helping others, I give them different options in continuing with their journey but whole heartedly respect their decisions if they choose to hold off during this time. 

This present time presents confusion, fear, anger, frustration, rumors and separation. As I mentioned on my social media post, the devil is out here trying to kill, steal and destroy. I am remaining steadfast. 

Although it may seem like a impossible task to remain steadfast due to how quickly things have changed, what would happen if I let go of my faith and let the earthly things consume me? I’d be a utter mess!!! 

God is and has always been the power source. If we are going through this, God can and will bring us out!!!

My mission connects closely with what this 2 posts says above and below and I love it. Despite what may be going on, nothing will cancel out my spirit! 

I hope your spirit remains steadfast as well!



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