Standing Cross Over Leg Swings

In conjunction with the front to back leg swings, any Lateral movements, especially after pregnancy, can feel impossible. Being able to work on stabilizing the hip joints in forward, side and backward movements are imperative.

Making sure that the movements are controlled are important as you swing the leg. The more force in swing of the leg, the more stabilization in the hip muscles and balance are required.
Make sure to keep a good posture, hold your core in tight (draw belly button in towards back) while you go through the swinging motion.

2 sets of 10 reps on each leg. Once you feel more controlled with hip stability and balance, you can increase the reps.

**The only time a new exercise should be introduced/transitioned into is when the current exercise is mastered. You know when you have mastered that exercise when YOU can control that exercise and the intended muscle(s).