Soul Health

My mom recently said, “Once you have knowledge of something, you have the choice on how you respond.”

Now that I am a little older, a little more experienced, and a little more wiser, how I respond to things now are way different than how I would have back then. There are certain things I will tolerate and other things I won’t, but I do it without jeopardizing my soul health. What I mean by soul health is, the balance of the 4 dimensions of health: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional.

Now that I have become more aware and have more knowledge of who Crystal is, and my surroundings, I have the choice in what I will allow in my life verses allowing the outside world to saturate me with things that are not beneficial. I have slowed down to actually take in whats going on around me as well as within me.

Earlier this week I posted and shared my 2nd workout and affirmation of the New Year, regarding positivity. It was all about creating a positive vibes in how you respond to life.

Since this year started I have committed myself to staying as positive as often as I can each and every day. In the Short time, it is crazy how contagious positivity can flow from one person to another. It makes your soul feel so good.

With a smile and upbeat hello it’s crazy the response/energy, I’ve recieved back from others. I accept nothing less.
listen y’all, I’m telling you, it feels so good. Having that energy internally and externally. If you focus on having that kind of day each day, you can be for a great day.

For those of You did not get a chance to listen in on the work out an affirmation regarding positivity, go ahead and listen in on it now.

We all deserve great soul health because that is the sole importance in creating the life we deserve.



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