Sometimes it’s ok to just be….ok
I had just finished A sub par work out. My intentions were to do a routine in the strength room but all I could muster was doing jump rope and I could hardly get it together but I Finished and I was ok with that.

This can go for any area in our life but this is geared more so in our health and fitness journey. For me specifically, when I’m exercising I can get myself in a focus mode where I want to have an on point work out. Then there are other days where I plan my work out and I do it but I just don’t feel connected to it yet I still get through it. On my focused, on point days if I mess up with something my mentality is to do extra reps to make up for the ones I messed up on. But on the days that I’m just not feeling it if I mess up I don’t push myself to try to make it up, I am OK with it. I’ve been teaching myself that it’s OK not to have on point days every single time, my OK days are better than no good days and at least I’m still doing something for me. I can hold onto the fact that I don’t have to have that mentality to have to or want to push myself when sometimes my body doesn’t necessarily want to go that extra mile.

I think for all of us, we have to keep in mind that we are not missing out on the value of having an on point journey in our health and fitness If we just aren’t feeling it. It’s OK to just be OK and still get by. Progress is still being made and that’s what is important.



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