Something different…..

So yesterdays workout was totally different that what I am use to doing. I tried something new after seeing a guy go through his workout. I have never seen the exercise he was doing, before, and figured, when it came time for my workout I would give it a try. He workout consisted of Kettlebell Farmers carry, Jump Rope and a few other exercises, but the exercises that intrigued me the most was a move that he did which required stability, upper body and core strength. With it being my first time ever trying this move, I didn’t go into it thinking I had it down pact (even though he made it look easy and made you think you could do it) LOL

From the video you see below, I included Lateral Plyo Jumps using the Kettlebell as my own added exercise, but the other move is what I wanted to try after seeing it done…I call it the Kettlebell Pull Through. The guy was able to perform this move in a fluent motion, kicking his legs into kickback position then transitioning into a tuck form without touching his feet to the ground, extending his legs out in front of him. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t happening with me, but I was able to do the kickback and transition into some kind of tuck, transitioning into a knee bend out in front of me. Transitioning was the total challenge because you are basically lifting your weight upĀ  in transition to pull your legs out in front of you.

A lot of core focus/stabilization and upper body strength. I scuffed my feet a couple times trying the exercise, but was able to transition. I did 5 rounds of this workout, including 100 reps of jump rope after the Kettlebell exercises.

Definitely a challenge but I liked it! I think I will add it as a workout routine from time to time!