So far….

Since beginning my 21 day church fast, I have already noticed differences for the good.

Mentally/emotionally- I am more aware, have more clarity and less distracted then I was right before I started. Its crazy how the little changes you make purposely allow you to see big pictures that you were missing right in front of you and taking the time to have God show me what He wants me to see.

Physically- More energy (way less lethargic), I felt absolutely NO bloating this entire week- I felt more “tighter” in my core area.

Before my fast, I probably was drinking maybe 20 or less ounces of water. Since the fast, I have consumed during the week 67 or more ounces, the minimum 50.

I made it a priority to fit it in my routine of how I would be able to get and when I should get my water in. 1- 16.9 oz before I leave for work, another, while at work, and at least two more while at home.

Just increasing more water, I have felt a great difference.

Here is an example of what I take with me to work:

*The container with plastic covering, is a “superfood bowl”

Mix of black beans with corn and tomatoes next to quinoa with kale, carrots, sunflower seeds, topped with a red pepper sauce


I encourage YOU to make the things you KNOW need to be priority, that would benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually, do it now! There is no need to wait!



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