She DID IT!!!


So today finally came!!! I still think back almost 6 months ago my client/friend came to me saying she wanted to do a 5k. Mind you, before that if you EVER spoke of trying to run during a training session she would flip out, or try it, but as soon as we started we were stopping. Lol on top of that she suffers respitory issues.
So i was surprised that going for a 5k was a goal of hers. About 6 months of strength, conditioning, and mental preparation her goals for this 5k were to not give up, run more than walk the majority and aim to complete it in at least 50 minutes to a hour.
Well my friends, she did all that and a bag of chips, she completed it in 45 minutes, finishing the last portion of the 5k running up a hill!! (Thank God qw did hill training. Lol)

I am sooooooooo proud of her. She has NO clue. She could have gave up a long time ago and gave all the excuses in the world but she didn’t and I wouldn’t let her. She is way more than a client she is a great friend.
You did it maw-maw. Congrats!!!