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Embrace The Process

The message I posted below, on IG and Facebook last week received a lot of positive feedback via text messages and comment posts.

When you share a bit of your journey of truth, HOW and WHAT you have to do in your journey, it’s not all peaches and cream. It’s a blend Of successes along with the struggles. It is so much more than just the exercise you put in and creating better nutrition habits.

That’s why I felt It appropriate to ask my sister where she is in embracing the process in her health and fitness journey ….

My sister

Listen…. EVERYTHING you do in your health and fitness journey is a step by step process!
There are some people who are absolutely set and ready to do all it takes to get where they want to in their goals and there are others who aren’t quite sure if they are ready but willing to give it a try but that may not mean that it will be consistent.
Sometimes it takes figuring out what your journey will take before you actually get it and can stay consistent with it all.
It has been an on an off journey for my sister, a lot of trial and error.
Typically this kind of journey is a frustrating one on both ends because for the person trying to help, wants you to succeed so badly and knows your goals can happen, but on the other end for those who are trying to reach those goals have to learn of what all it will take to get there because ultimately it’s up to them to do that job.
One thing I can say about my sister in this journey is she is not a quitter because she could’ve given up along time ago especially being that she does not like to work out and on top of that having to learn and understand different habits that need to change, she Is becoming more custom to.
The other day I came to see her right before she went to work and she had her snacks prepared and ready to go, which she normally ever does. That is a huge step!
We are getting one step closer every time.



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