In September I will be providing 14 , live stream MAKE IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT workouts on zoom (30 minutes). All workouts are a drop-in rate of $5. Based on your schedule, you can choose which workouts you can attend based on the dates/times I provide. 

For $5 not only will you do a live stream workout with 4StarFitChic, but you you will also receive a video clip of me performing the exercises of the specific workout you registered for that you can use to follow and archive anytime.

*The workouts WILL NOT be issue specific workouts on how to correct certain focuses such as Diastasis Recti, chronic joint pain etc., but rather focus on quality of movement and correct form.

*The Make It Right, Get It Tight workouts will focus on full body workout intervals for 30 minutes targeting upper body, lower body, stamina, mobility and core. 

*I will instruct and coach on quality of moves and it’s effectiveness so you can get the most out of it. Anyone can follow a work out but not perform it correctly. That’s where I come in to get it right. 

***Workouts are set for any fitness level. I am Looking for beginners and/or those who are starting back on their health and fitness journey.

 *Equipment Needed:

Please have ready in each workout session:

  • Resistance band with handles and/ or Dumbbells
  • A chair 
  • You may use household items (examples: laundry detergent, book bag or canned goods)

Make It Right, Get It Tight Nutrition

For those of you in need of nutritional guidance, you will receive a nutritional guidance plan document for a one time fee of $15.  It is a 4 week plan that I break down week by week focusing on hydration, macros, re- introduction to certain foods and intermittent fasting, to allow the body time to process in digestion. Tweaks can be made as each individual is uniquely made and not one size fits all. The plan is structured, yet realistic to follow and can be maintained. I will help keep you accountable as you follow through. This Make It Right, Get It Tight Nutrition Plan can also be followed as you continue on your health and fitness journey. Additionally, recipes will be provided on my website in the nutritious and delicious section.

How it works:

  • Fill out the Information Form below
  • Register below with Sign Up Genius, for the dates/times you want to participate in MIRGIT workouts.
  • Once you register your spot, CashApp or Venmo and a zoom link will be provided for that day and time.
  • If you choose to use the Make It Right, Get It Tight Nutrition Plan, you will only need to Cash App or Venmo the one time fee. No need to register.

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