Self Care

The other day after watching a Show which involved a group of African-American ladies having a conversation about different topics regarding life, I was graciously reminded of something. Right before the show ended one of the ladies said this… “Self Care is not selfish”

That stuck with me because funny thing is, for a long time I would think that making sure Crystal was taken care of, would always be looked at as selfish. My true intentions for my self-care has always been to make sure that, within my control, I would stay healthy, strong and do what made Crystal happy.

My mother always used to say, Crystal, It’s OK to make other people happy, but don’t forget what makes YOU happy. “

My areas of self-care fall under the dimensions of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. My self care ranges from making sure I go to church to get my soul spiritually fed for more wisdom, eating healthy, doing workouts, all the way to wanting to get my nails or hair done.

Somehow, unfortunately I would think that any of that self-care for me seemed selfish, especially if it had anything to do with asking someone for help in order for me to take care of me. To be honest, it bothered me a lot because I didn’t want to feel like that.

It took some time, and I am still working on it but I’ve grown stronger within myself to know that my self-care is very important because if I did not see it as a priority then I most certainly would not be able to help others let alone myself. So how could I view it as being selfish to take care of me?

I am asking all of you to do the same. Take care of yourself! Let your intentions of your self-care be for well being So that YOU can enjoy life but also be able to take care of all the ones you love without any convictions.

That kind of self-care is not selfish at all.



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