Season change and S.A.D Syndrome

Be prepared for the season change! As we move into the fall and winter seasons sunlight becomes limited. Not many people are aware of how that can affect them in a major way. Not only do we need light but we need fresh air. It definitely rejuvenates the body and mind. 

I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve worked with who struggled with the S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syndrome, which is most but not always, associated with the fall and winter seasons. 

When sunlight becomes limited believe it or not some people can be diagnosed with, on a serious note, depression. Some people become very lethargic, moody, emotional and unmotivated.  The S.A.D syndrome is actually more apparent in women than men which explains a lot because majority of my clientele who are women dealt with it. 

When sunlight becomes limited, melatonin and serotonin are affected. Melatonin affects our sleep and serotonin affects our mood. 

The first time I actually learned what the SAD syndrome was, was from one of my clients who suffered from it. After doing more research I recommended that they check in with their doctor.

When my clients reported back I found a common denominator amongst most of them, they had very very low vitamin D levels. Sunlight…helps produce vitamin D within the body.

I started comparing my clients symptoms that they would have during these certain seasons and majority of all of them were way under their vitamin D intake which the doctor had to prescribe to get them back to a normal state.

Here are a few ways you can combat going into a “SAD”situation. 

  • Eat foods that are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and that are colorful.
  • Just get out to get some fresh air
  • Make time to get some exercise in. At least 30 minutes within a day
  • Keep yourself hydrated! Drink water 
  • Don’t be afraid to get a check up or “check-in” with your doc even if it’s to get blood work done and check levels

Stay in tune with your body!!!!



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