Rush or Build?

I remember hearing a pastor say that sometimes the Lord doesn’t give you what you ask for right then because he is purposely preparing you for it so that you know how to handle it and take care of it. But if you keep urgently asking for it he may just give it to you. what you thought you wanted turns out to be something you can’t take care of at all Because you didn’t have the necessary tools to build that foundation to take care of it and manage it the best way. 

Think about that principle in your health and fitness journey. So many people I want the best method to get the best results in a short amount of time, not taking the time to understand all that it truly takes to be successful in the journey, all because the focus is on, is to drop the number on the scale. Yes some people may achieve those results in that short period of time but they have not learned at all the actual necessary tools to keep it off, therefore after a certain time they put it all back on and it continues on as a yo-yo effect.

Progress comes in all different ways and when it comes to your journey personally think about if you deserve to be rushed or built to last. 



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