Renewed Strength

 I don’t know about how you are doing in your embrace the process journey but I continue to be vulnerable in sharing mine with you!

 Each week, for me, feels like either a step back, step forward, or maintenance but the thing that remains consistent is my direction at HEART keeps moving forward.

One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible, I had tattooed years and years ago, on the inside of my ankle. Not long after that I had a phoenix tattooed on the outside Oh my ankle on the same leg. 

 I wanted my tattoo to be on my ankle because I was a track athlete and it made me think about how every time I felt weary in running, especially during practices, the Lord would miraculously renew my strength to get me through it. 

Those practices were hard, and a lot of work and time spent, but The Lord was renewing my strength to be prepared for greater… my big races that ultimately became championships. 

 Now that I look back on it I embrace that thought process in my life today.  There are so many situations that make me weary And I look back through all the practices I went through and succeeded. 

Not knowing when my championship will come I will continue on with my practices Sundays will be easy, other days will be moderate and other days are going to be hard but in order for me to be prepared for the championship I have to keep on practicing, stay believing and getting stronger. I believe embracing that process, the Lord will continue to renew my strength so that I am ready for that big moment.

Are you practicing to be ready for your big moment?

Stay healthy, and stay blessed y’all!



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