These 6 mistakes That were shared by Carter Good were spot on. I wanted to expound on these just a tad bit to give context so it’s understood that hat it means. 

Too much focus on Carbs 

Not enough focus on calories 

There is such a despise about carbs not taking full responsibility of learning about the proper carbs that will essentially still help you along your journey in health and fitness. Carbs will always be number one source that your body uses for energy so if you are not Using energy, yet majority of your day staying stagnant your energy has nowhere to go It will get stored. Carbs are bad you just have to know how to use them! 

When it comes to calories that’s what needs to be watched at the most. What you eat and drink throughout your day will determine your success ultimately. So many times you get caught snacking or passing by your refrigerator just looking for something when you probably really aren’t hungry at all. Watch out how often and how much you’re piling on your plate  (even the drinks you are guzzling). It all adds up!!!

Too much focus on restriction

Not enough focus on restraint 

Listen, there’s certain people who have to restrict what they eat based off of how their body reacts to it. Such people who are lactose intolerant, celiac disease, IBS the list could go on. Based off of a specialist, doctor or dietitians’ orders there may be absolute restrictions needed to be taken. However, there are others who don’t need Any restrictions, They are simply restricting their bodies from nutrients that your body actually needs therefore they could become deficient And end up doing more harm than good. 

If you were one of those people who absolutely have no restrictions, the focus needs to be on a restraint, also known as self control. If you know you’re having a hard time staying away from the back of chips don’t keep it in your house because if you do there’s always a great chance that you were going to put your hand in that bag.

Too much focus on Perfection

Not enough focus on Progress

When we are on our health and fitness journey we never give ourselves enough credit for our small victories because we are always looking for big ones. This always causes for frustration  Because we tend to always Be the worst critic of our self and I can never seem the beauty of the work we are putting in. Honestly, I think perfection is noticing progress and being happy with the progress even if it’s small. Are you able to breathe better than you did when you first started? Are your clothes fitting better than they once were? Are you able to work out longer or do physical activities with your family and friends longer instead of having to sit out? Those are the type of important things that should be looked more into instead of Trying to to make your journey top notch. 

Too much focus on cardio

Not enough focus on lifting

Yes, cardio is good to help increase stamina and yes it will help burn some calories but cardio can only get you so far. There are a lot of people who will give so much attention to cardio and too little or none on strength. So many people spend so much time on a cardio machine, and although they may be burning calories they have actually plateaued. 

Adding in the strength component not only will increased the caloric burn in the activities you do but also make you so much stronger in any activity you choose to do. 

When you ignore the strength component by not lifting you were not allowing your Body the full potential it has.

Muscle acts as a powerhouse and can protect your skeletal frame so when you lift you are nourishing your body with the muscle that can protect you cardio alone cannot do that. 

Too much focus on motivation

Not enough focus on Momentum

Remember that wherever you get your motivation from may only last temporarily. It’s OK to be motivated buy something you may see or hear but you have to keep that momentum going. You can’t always rely on someone or something to provide your motivation because they may not always come through to provide that motivation you need. Set realistic goals that you can rely on yourself to accomplish that will also keep your momentum going. If you realistically know that you can only currently do a half a mile then start with that in the more consistent you are the more your momentum will build from a half mile to a mile and your success will continue to grow. 

Too much focus on the end goal

Not enough focus on the small wins

It’s OK to have an ultimate goal But it’s not OK not to focus on each step in getting there.  too often Great work has been put in and progress has been made, yet it still gets overlooked because of the “I’m not there yet” mentality. Of course not, thats why it’s a journey. Give your journey enough respect for all of the work you put in instead of ignoring those wins. Those wins may be small but they are still a win. 



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