Refeshing Healthy Drink

Coming from somebody Who would drink juice on a daily and just absolutely had to have some kind of flavor-I finally took the time and patience to change my mindset and pallete.
I have Come to make it a staple and new habit to make fresh green tea every week. I simply brew 2 green tea bags Add A tablespoon of light gold and blue agave, throw it in a pitcher and let it cool overnight. The next day I have a nice cool glass of green tea.
It’s either green tea, water or sparkling water with natural flavor of lemon, Line, or grapefruit.
Believe it or not, Either one of those beverages is enough to satisfy me now.
Just making that small change in my habit I have lost almost 10 pounds. Like I said the smallest changes make a huge difference. To have a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean trying to change everything overnight. Start with one or two things that you struggle the most with focus on how you can be better and make healthier decisions and choices with those struggles and work from there!