Have you ever got so out of whack and far from yourself there a moment of realization that you needed to get yourself back to being the person you know you are?

That is me. This tends to happen what seems like every other quarter or so. Especially all of the build up anxiety with the current events it has definitely taken me off of my game as much as I have been trying to stay on track. It’s affecting me more Mentally than anything. Almost like my mind is at war of thoughts of my current routine, am I doing enough or not doing. Am I doing too much etc….

I just need to slow down and allow myself to recalibrate.

Just the other day I said down with a good friend who is also a registered dietitian, some of you who follow the nutritious and delicious blog, she shares great recipes. 

Anywho, We talked about life and it got to the conversation of our health. From her scope as a registered dietitian and listening to me talk about my current experiences she highly recommended to re-calibrate myself nutritionally which I fully welcomed. 

Starting next week I will be following a nutrition recalibration format to gain back energy I have lost and mental clarity that a healthier diet will provide.

I am excited and nervous all in one because I know it will take a lot of discipline to stay the course especially during these crazy and uncertain times!

We all need to be recalibrated every so often and that’s OK because you are making aware that when something isn’t or doesn’t feel right that it needs to be determined on how to go back making it right.



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