Quality Time and Precious Moments
Quality Time- Having a late night frosty with my daughter

The other day while taking Rey our for a bike ride we got to witness a father and daughter fishing in the neighborhood pond. We stopped by the pond to skip some rocks before we continued on with the bike ride. Just as we were leaving we got to see the little girl, who could t be more than 4 years old, catch a fish!! It was so neat and to see the little girl and fathers face. A Precious moment and quality time between that father and daughter. 

 The longer we stay in quarantine the more I realize that it’s not just the adults who have to deal with all the changes that have occurred, but definitely so have the kids. Although we as parents have to lead and make decisions, our kids need just as much relief and understanding through this as we do. Days are challenging because it seems like kids energy never let up while as a parent, our patience and energy feels zapped. 

I’m reminded that this quarantine time is THE VERY time to make quality time and precious moments count and matter the most. No matter how unmotivated we may be, our kids will remember. 

I saw this shared by my friend and Pastor, Jordan Smucker, on Instagram and wanted to share it as it ties in wonderfully with this blog on quality time and precious moments 


I encourage you to capture the moments as much as you can during this time. It does do a body good (Moreso the mind) because as I, the parent, look back on it my heart can feel light knowing I was a part of my childrens quality time and creating precious moments. 

Here are some of the precious moments and quality time I captured this past week!

Capture A Moment

Precious Moments

I would LOVE for you to share yours! 



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