Quad Contraction

Have you been practicing your balloon exercises??! Just checkin’! Lol If you are a new subscriber to the FIT TIP content, be sure to scroll through the Fit Tips I have posted previously.

Another Fit Tip to add that doesn’t necessarily need to be used at the gym, but can be done anywhere is what I call the quad contraction.

In a seated position with your back supported by a wall or chair (to help with posture), keep one leg extended and the other leg bent. With the straight leg, tighten your quad muscles for a count of 5 then relax. Repeat that 8-10 times. Perform 2-3 sets.

Straight leg- Quad is in a relaxed position to begin exercise.


Quad is contracted (tightened)- You will notice your knee and muscles surrounding, react and align when contracting your quad muscles.

What is the reasoning? The quad muscles (front part of your thigh) help play a major role with your knee. The quad muscles attach to your knee. So the importance of that is knowing when your quad muscles are weak, they cant help support knee stabilization. Crazy how to body works together. If one thing is weak, it can effect another. If you or you know someone who has had knee surgery before, their doctor always highly suggest them exercising to strengthen the muscles in support of the knee.

This simple exercise is done bodyweight, once it becomes stronger, ankle weights can be used, and the leg can be slightly lift from the floor. I always did this exercise with athletes, especially female athletes due to the increase rate knee, PCL, ACL injuries. Its a “simple” exercise that can make a huge difference.