Pumpkins Seeds

Let me tell you something about these pumpkin seeds right hea!!

One of THE best batch I put together. YES you can purchase at any store and eat as a snack, but there is something about preparing them yourself and snacking on them while they are warm!!!


Growing up our family tradition after trick or treating was to eat sloppy joes and pumpkin seeds!! Lol My sister and I have carried on that tradition onto our kids and we had SOOOOO much fun for our 1st Halloween get together.

Sloppy joes were made with ground turkey and diced up some green bell peppers, tomatoes sauce and of course the tradition sloppy joe seasoning packets. They were delicious.

But what topped off the night was after “gutting” out the pumpkin and pulling out the seeds and preparing them….who woulda knew!

Set the oven to 350 degrees-

Wash seeds thoroughly and make sure to get all the pumpkin “guck” out.

Pat and dry the seeds of any access water.

Spray the pan and seeds with canola oil.

I sprinkled salt and cinnamon evenly on the seeds and made sure the seeds weren’t all laying over one another

Time spent in oven is up to you, I suggest keeping any eye on them. You want them to turn a slight golden color.

I chose to keep the seeds in on a timer of 15 minutes. IT WAS PERFECT TIMING!!

I brought those suckers out, let them cool and when it was time to try them, they were so tasty and crispy! (not chewy at all)

They were gone in almost a matter of 15 minutes!


My daughter LOVED them.


So if you ever have them time to make your own pumpkin seeds, is worth it!

Nutritional benefits…Just to name a few

High in antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, and nutrient dense