Praise report

So I wanted to share with you all an update on one of the post I put up a while back in regards to the young man I have opportunity to speak with. since that talk I had with him I haven’t seen him in about a week and a half.
Well today I finally caught up with him and when I asked him how things were going he told me his life was coming back together and he felt good about it. His grades were coming back up and he was getting off probation this weekend. He seemed a bit hesitant to tell me that part but I acted no other way but welcoming and proud of him. So he proceeded to share with me that at school during lunch as he walked to his table with his food tray another kid hit him in the chest with their tray making him not down his food. The kid continued to walk passed not acknowledging that he hit someone. else in passing. When he approached the kid to ask why he hit him, the kid got loud with him. Thats when his anger came and he balled up his 👊. He told me he wanted to punch the kid in the face but AT THAT MOMENT he remembered what I told him… its not worth it and dont let anyone drag you down to their level cause thats what they want. He was a better guy. He put his fist down turned away from the kid and walked away!!! when he returned back to his table with his friends they were baffled as to why he didn’t knock the kid out. That’s when he responded he just wasn’t going to do it….I immediately gave him a hug and told him I was proud of him.
He realizes things are going well for him and he does not want to jeopardize it. At that moment I wanted to be real with him and let him know that we all are going to have our ups and downs and times where we are tempted but in those times of temptations are what are going to make us stronger if we choose to do the right things and not the wrong that will put us 10 steps back.
I am just so happy that another moment like this occurred!
God is truly doing His work in breaking the chains. When you’re dealing with a teen it is so hard to get into their heads right from wrong because in that age range you can’t tell them anything and I know that was me at one point, but when you really care about your life you are willing to make change and I know he wants to do so. let’s all continue to make an impact on other people’s lives and not give up even when it gets hard!!